Rain Gutters Help Prevent Structural Damage

Rain guttering is designed to carry water away from the home and directs it to a location where the water will do the most good or the least damage. Left unchecked, rain gutter leaks can cause substantial damage to even the newest of structures.

No matter where in the country your home is located, it is going to rain. Low-capacity, clogged or damaged gutters cause rainwater to overflow, which can lead to water damage to the siding, wood, drywall, or foundation of your home. This relatively common maintenance issue makes correctly installed and maintained rain gutters an important, yet frequently overlooked, part of the home’s exterior.

Properly working rain guttering helps your home stand up under harsh weather conditions. When it rains, water flows off the roof into the rain guttering, which directs the water away from the structure. A rain gutter drainage system ensures that rainwater will not be able to collect on your roof, pool and leak under shingles, ultimately entering and damaging the interior of your home.

Rain Gutter Replacement

There are a great many reasons why you may be considering replacing the rain guttering on your home. You may have low capacity gutters that are unable to handle the amount of water generated by a massive storm, or your gutters may be old and ugly or damaged by icing or the wind. Replacing your old guttering system with new rain gutters can help you avoid costly repairs caused by water damage.

When shopping for new rain gutters for your home, compare products. No matter the style of your home, there are guttering systems designed to compliment and add to the visual appeal of your property.

Contact A Professional

A professional roofing contractor will measure the perimeter of your home to ensure a perfect fit and will suggest a rain gutter system designed to compliment the style of your home. Gutters are available in different sizes, styles, colors and quality. Opt for an established brand, backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. A screened guttering system prevents blockage from a build-up of leaves and debris blown by the wind.

Because rain guttering comes in different sizes with different sized drainage spouts, it is important to choose a system sized to handle the heaviest of rainfalls that are likely to occur in your region of the country. A system that does not carry off all the water in the most challenging of conditions is practically worthless as it does not prevent the pooling and potential water damage it is supposed to alleviate.

Installed properly by a professional, quality rain guttering will not warp or bend and break under the weight of the heaviest rainfall. Manufactured from a heavy gauge metal with a baked on weather-resistant finish, a quality rain guttering system is meant to last for years and handle the harshest of weather conditions.

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